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Aged Care Financial Advice – The Plutus Financial Guidance Difference

At Plutus Financial Guidance, we work closely with individuals and families to assist in making educated decisions when looking at future aged care options for a loved one.

Unlike regular financial advisors operating around Sydney, Plutus Financial Guidance proudly provide CIFAA-certified independent financial advice. 

Independent financial advisors differ, as we do not charge or take asset-based fees, commissions, or kickbacks – nor do we receive referral fees.

It is essential to understand that aged care facilities provide accommodation, meals, cleaning, round-the-clock care, plus extras where available. Consequently, the costs associated with aged care facilities and residential care are significant. 

For some families, a lack of planning or limited funds can severely limit their options.

For this reason, it is crucial to seek sound aged care financial advice, to determine associated costs and plan for how these costs can be financed. 

Seeking sound aged care financial advice can be daunting. At Plutus Financial Guidance, we are here to help make the process less complicated and provide you with a clear plan tailored to your personal scenario. 

We understand the complex array of emotions and outside factors that surround these major life decisions. As such, we aim to deliver aged care financial advice with great integrity and sensitivity. 

Vince Lam is an Accredited Aged Care Professional™ and an experienced Independent Financial Advisor. 

For more information on how Vince and the rest of the Plutus Financial Guidance team can help you navigate financial decisions around aged care, visit the page on our website dedicated to this topic here