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Are you with an Independent Financial Planner?

Many people find planning for their future and setting out long-term financial goals daunting. Is this caused by a fear of failure? If they are unable to reach that milestone they set? Perhaps a feeling of unwelcomed restriction? After all the most common word you will hear after the term ‘financial plan’ is usually budget.

Independent financial planners aim to make this process less of a chore. They look at your personal situation and provide advice on all areas of your finances. From estate planning and superannuation advice to asset management and aged care financial advice.

Important considerations for Income protection

Is your income protected? Talk to an Independent Financial Advisor in Sydney Many people seek risk management products. Here are the important considerations for income protection. For a start, there are four types of personal risk management tools: Death cover or life insurance Income protection or income replacement Total permanent disability Trauma cover or critical […]

Financial Planning For The Long Term

The McKinsey Global Institute issued an interesting discussion paper. Companies with a long-term view outperform their peers on a range of key economic and financial metrics. Their analysis used a data set of 615 large and mid-cap US publicly listed companies from 2001 to 2015. It is based on patterns of investment, growth, earnings quality, and […]

Negative gearing explained

We’ve all heard a thing or two about negative gearing or positive gearing in the news lately. Especially in relation to property investment and mortgages in Australia, everyone seems to have an opinion on this matter. So here is a short article on negative gearing explained. So what is negative gearing or positive gearing? Does it […]

Global real estate index

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index is published on an annual basis. The report notes that expectations tend to be prone to exaggerations in boom phases. The optimistic projections of the trends… create ever-greater price fantasies. This applies to any asset and is not unique to real estate. According to the authors: Price bubbles […]

Property costs: the miscellaneous costs of property ownership

Property or real estate is an important part of your financial health and property costs can be quite high. Careful considerations ought to be made as to what strategic role real estate plays in your overall financial health. Especially relating to managing property costs as a property investor, retiree, mortgagor or via self-managed super fund. Whilst […]