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gold standard financial advice

Book a consultation with a certified IFAAA Gold Standard Independent Financial Advisor

gold standard financial advice

Book a consultation with a certified IFAAA Gold Standard Independent Financial Advisor

Independent Financial Advisors

We help you create, improve and protect your personal wealth to achieve the lifestyle you want. We deliver personalised strategies for complete wealth management to ensure you have the highest probability of achieving what’s important to you in life.

Financial advice to help get you closer to your lifestyle objectives.

Everyone has a unique goal or ideal when it comes to personal wealth, for most of us it’s about finding that sweet spot where finances are not a stress or worry, but instead enable a more comfortable lifestyle where we have more time to focus on the important things in life.

Gold Standard Financial Advice Certified by the IFAAA

We undertake strategic analysis of your financial state and unearth opportunities to improve and empower your financial decisions with personalised financial modelling. The Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia (IFAAA) Gold Standard of Independence™ is a symbol for genuinely independent financial advice. It is the most stringent standard of independence in the profession.

To qualify, financial advisors must satisfy these criteria:

  1. No ownership links or affiliations with product manufacturers. Impartiality is impossible where an advisor has links to a product manufacturer. Ownership links create an environment where the advisor resembles, at best, a well-intentioned salesperson.
  2. No commissions or incentive payments from product manufacturers. Commissions are payments made by product manufacturers to their distribution network. They create a conflict of interest between advisors and their clients.
  3. No asset-based fees. Asset fees, although authorised by the client, are calculated precisely the same way a commission is calculated. Asset fees are incentives that prevent an advisor from being impartial and therefore create a conflict of interest between advisor and client.

Why Choose Plutus Financial Guidance?

  • No Commission

    There is no commission on our independent financial advice.

  • No Asset-based Fees

    We do not charge our clients asset-based fees.

  • No Referral Fees

    We do not receive referral fees for our products / services.

  • No Kickbacks

    We only offer gold standard financial advice. Therefore we will never take kickbacks for recommendations.

  • We are not related to any financial institution or product manufacturer.
  • We do not use financial ‘products’. All of our work is tailored to each of our client’s needs.
  • Like a health practitioner, we are providing you with an independent holistic service to help you achieve your goals.

We work with clients who share our sense of community, and who like us – care about the people and environment around them. We are not selling the idea overnight success or instant gratification, we believe financial advice is very personal and relationship based. We are here for you through your life journey and we want to see you through to achieving your most important goals.

We are here to empower you to make better financial decisions and achieve your most important goals.

Testimonials From Our Clients

I never thought I would need a financial planner in my life. I was dead wrong. In taking the leap of faith in engaging Vince, he has proven to be a great advisor, coach and friend, in helping me understand how to reach my financial goals sooner. I’ve found that the most valuable aspects of his services are Vince’s dedication and efforts to explain everything to you and knowing that he is an independent advisor without any attachment to a particular brand or service. He has a well balanced and professional approach to his work, giving me such confidence that my finances are in trusted and knowledgeable hands. Thanks Vince!


With the help of Vince’s financial expertise and wealth of knowledge, it was an eye opener with my financial situation. I thought I was ok, but I was taking on too much debt and had no financial direction or goals in place for the long term. I now understand what steps I need to take to provide for my family to build financial security when I reach retirement age. Most importantly, I see Vince as an independent financial advisor who guides me in the right direction rather than push products or services on to me. That point of difference and his down to earth nature made it a no brainer in taking him on as my advisor. I highly recommend Vince’s services to anyone who wants peace of mind about their financial future and looking for a quality advisor who genuinely cares for their clients. Thank you Vince for giving me and my family invaluable advice over the years.


Plutus Financial Guidance have provided a financial advisory service second to none. Vince took the time to really understand our circumstances and needs. It’s been great working with Vince, he is always helpful and accessible anytime we have questions. He has brought clarity and comfort around our financial plans for the future.