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Independent Budgeting Advice For Wealth Building

Budgeting and saving are indeed vital building blocks in managing your finances and building wealth. A personalised budget and savings plan will enable you to get closer to achieving what is important to you in life.  Budgeting advice at Plutus Financial Guidance We will continuously work with you to manage your changing circumstances and needs […]

Superannuation Management at Plutus Financial Guidance

Many industry experts and financial advisors believe that solely relying on employer contributions may result in many people falling short of a basic retirement lifestyle, one which would be suitable for most Australians. Superannuation Advice and Planning At Plutus Financial Guidance we offer superannuation advice and planning, in order to help create tax-effective steps to […]

Debt Management At Plutus Financial Guidance

Debt management comes in many forms. There are various reasons why anyone would borrow capital to invest, such as getting a mortgage (meaning you get to own your piece of real estate sooner rather than later) or reducing your tax bill whilst creating long-term wealth through investments. While it’s true that utilising debt, gearing or […]

Independent Financial Guidance On The Central Coast

Plutus Financial Guidance is proud to offer our CIFAA-certified service to clients on the Central Coast. Located just one hour’s drive from Sydney, the Central Coast region offers its residents an outstanding balance of a relaxed coastal lifestyle and an impressive selection of work and business opportunities.   Finding a certified financial advisor operating without incentive and […]

Aged Care Financial Advice – The Plutus Financial Guidance Difference

At Plutus Financial Guidance, we work closely with individuals and families to assist in making educated decisions when looking at future aged care options for a loved one. Unlike regular financial advisors operating around Sydney, Plutus Financial Guidance proudly provide CIFAA-certified independent financial advice.  Independent financial advisors differ, as we do not charge or take […]

The Deaf Society & Deaf Services Merger Announcement

Happy New Year from the team here at Plutus Financial Guidance. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday period spending time with family and friends. 2020 was a transformative year not just for Plutus Financial Guidance, but also personally and professionally for Vince Lam. As you may be aware, in addition to offering independent financial […]