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Independent Budgeting Advice For Wealth Building

Budgeting and saving are indeed vital building blocks in managing your finances and building wealth. A personalised budget and savings plan will enable you to get closer to achieving what is important to you in life. 

Budgeting advice at Plutus Financial Guidance

We will continuously work with you to manage your changing circumstances and needs to achieve what is important to you. 

We can help you understand where your cash flow is coming from and what you are doing with it. We believe that a critical first step in creating wealth is establishing a defined budget and making the most out of what you currently have. 

We can help you streamline your wealth and lifestyle aims by completing a comprehensive review of your current budget to optimise spending. 

The importance of independent budgeting advice

When seeking independent financial advice regarding your budget, choosing an independent financial professional who does not accept kickbacks, royalties or referral fees from financial institutions is of utmost importance. 

At Plutus Financial Guidance, we pride ourselves on the constant integrity and purpose throughout all of our financial services. We strongly believe that financial advice should be transparent and straightforward; as such, we do not charge commission on our independent financial advice or accept referral fees. 

We are back in the office! 

Following NSW Government Health Guidelines, the team at Plutus Financial Guidance are back open for business and are taking consultations at our office here in Macquarie Park. 

Vince Lam is a Professional Accountant and a Certified Independent Financial Advisor with almost two decades of experience. 

He holds the Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) designation and is an Accredited Aged Care Professional.

Feel free to get in contact with us today to book a financial health discovery consultation with us – our independent financial advisors are more than happy to help.