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Financial Health Discovery Consultation

What is a financial health discovery?

A financial health discovery takes an in depth look at your personal financial situation to ensure the present and future health of your position. 

The past year has been a good reminder to us all that certain life events do have the ability to disrupt even our most carefully thought-out strategies. 

Experience in providing financial advice is critical at these vulnerable and emotionally sensitive times. These uncertain periods are where planning is crucial to keep on track, along with guidance from a trained advisor. 

It’s also important to always to seek out independent financial planners, as they are the ones who can assess your financial health with genuine autonomy, operating without incentive and conflicts of interest. 

We pride ourselves on the integrity and purpose that is constant throughout all of our financial services. We strongly believe that financial advice should be transparent, as such, at Plutus Financial Guidance, we do not charge commission on our independent financial advice nor will we accept kickbacks, royalties or referral fees from financial institutions.  

Vince Lam is a professional Accountant and an Independent Financial Advisor with almost two decades of experience. He holds the Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) designation and is an Accredited Aged Care Professional.

Book in for a financial health discovery consultation with our independent financial advisors today. We can help you implement the various risk management tools that give you more certainty and peace of mind regarding your long term financial health.