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Estate Planning Advice for your Retirement

Estate planning advice goes a lot further than simply creating a will or planning for your retirement. Estate planning is the careful planning that is required to assure financial security for your loved ones long into the future.

You have worked hard for your assets therefore estate planning is essential in ensuring a smooth transfer and that your wishes are fulfilled in a straightforward manner.

What is included in my estate planning?

Your estate is made up of what you own including but not limited to your home(s), investments, savings, cars and superannuation. In addition to everything you own. More or less any assets you wish to pass on should be included in your estate planning. Superannuation and insurance proceeds generally are not automatically part of your estate, these require extra planning.

First of all having an up to date will is imperative. You can always update your will if your circumstances change but outlaying your wishes clearly within the will and keeping it updated is the first important step of estate planning.

What happens next?

Careful consideration is required to decide how your estate is planned and how it can be passed onto your loved ones as per your wishes. As an independent financial advisor, Vince Lam can assist with your estate desires and together we can create a plan and how to best distribute your wealth, including tax considerations in an efficient way to the beneficiaries.

We can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that will consider all your wishes in the most efficient manner. We will help you have the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will have the security you have planned for.

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