aged care independent financial advice

Aged Care Independent Advice

Making the decision to move yourself or a family member into aged care can be complex, time consuming and quite daunting. Working out which facility to choose, what information you need and the basic forms you need to fill out can be overwhelming and confusing.

Aged care services include facilities such as Respite Care, Specialised Dementia Care and Palliative Care. Often referred to as nursing homes, these facilities provide services such as meal preparation, accommodation, cleaning, round the clock care and a variety of other services. Making the decision to enter yourself or a family member into an aged care facility can be complex logistically as well as emotionally.

The sole focus of your decision should always be the health and welfare of yourself and your loved ones, however the truth of the matter is that financing aged care can be costly. Managing finances when it comes to aged care can be complicated and perplexing. There are many things to take into consideration, such as: how it will impact on the pension payments from Centrelink, how to pay for accommodations and whether or not it would be more beneficial to sell the family home, or to rent it out.

Why choose an independent financial advisor?

Seeking out aged care financial advice is a great first step in easing the transition into an aged care facility. An independent financial advisor will be able to help analyse all associated costs with the transition and help create a plan for how the costs can be financed. Without proper planning, aged care options may be significantly limited for some families.

Each individual and family has a unique set of circumstances, meaning there are no one size fits all plans or solutions when it comes to aged care financial advice. Finding a financial planner that understands this will help to provide clarity and guidance when it comes to choosing the best aged care option for you and your family.

At Plutus Financial Guidance, not only does Vince provide aged care financial advice to individuals and families, but he is also an Accredited Aged Care Professional. So you can be assured that your needs are being listened to and understood by an experienced professional.

Call Plutus Financial Guidance today to talk more about aged care financial advice and what will be best for you and your family. You can also learn more via our Aged Care Financial Advice service page.