Do you consult an Independent Financial Planner?

Many people find planning for their future and setting out long-term financial goals daunting. Is this caused by a fear of failure? If they are unable to reach that milestone they set? Perhaps a feeling of unwelcomed restriction? After all the most common word you will hear after the term ‘financial plan’ is usually budget.

Independent financial planners aim to make this process less of a chore. They look at your personal situation and provide advice on all areas of your finances. From estate planning and superannuation advice to asset management and aged care financial advice.

Sure, financial services are multi-faceted and can be quite complex. However, here are three reasons why independent financial advisors are the stand out choice.

Versatility: Independent financial advisors remain unbiased and will only recommend the right financial strategy for their clients. Many regular financial planning businesses receive kickbacks and commission from financial companies. Therefore, a regular firm will potentially only recommend a handful of different ‘financial products’ to their clients. Independent financial planners aren’t restricted in the advice they offer, meaning you’ll receive the right strategy and product to suit your exact needs.

Reputation: Independent financial planners only choose to operate as such, because they understand the importance of reputation. They understand that only a satisfied client will return for more business. For this reason independent advice is unbiased, tailored and much more ethical. They know this approach works. Independent financial advisors are for the long term.

Personalised: Many investors have needs that are unique to their situation. Independent financial advisors have a level of duty to their clients beyond the letter of the law. This means that their clients are put first. You are the most important factor for the advisor. With no commissions arriving from other avenues. Your result is the only way an independent financial advisor can grow their professional practice.

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