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What to ask when planning for retirement?

Retirement is an exciting chapter that we all look forward to embracing. It’s a time that affords more freedom and flexibility. Embarking on this journey can be made easy with the right planning and preparation.  

Retirement planning helps with crucial decision making including financial requirements and timing of your retirement. Plutus Financial Guidance are here to provide clarity and certainty about your financial future. 

Vince Lam, principal at Plutus Financial Guidance has compiled a list of questions to consider when planning your retirement: 

  1. When would you ideally like to retire? 
  2. What is your retirement lifestyle aspiration? 
  3. Where do you want to live when you retire? 
  4. What are your retirement savings requirements? 
  5. How long will your retirement savings need to last? 
  6. How are you best able to preserve capital for the next generation? 
  7. Will you be eligible to receive any government support when you retire? 
  8. Are there any tax implications when you retire? 
  9. How important are liquid assets when you retire? 
  10. Who will manage your assets when you do finally retire? 

Having an independent financial advisor in your corner can be valuable when working through these questions and putting together a retirement planning roadmap. 

Vince Lam is an independent financial planner here to help you achieve your life goals, including understanding the options at your disposal, the implications of relocating, topping up your super or developing a low-risk investment portfolio. The team at Plutus Financial Guidance believes in giving honest and socially responsible financial advice to clients. We receive no asset-based fees, commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees. 

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