6 Ways In Which Plutus Financial Guidance Are Super Helpful

The health of your superannuation balance is an important factor in determining whether you can cease working comfortably and move towards a retirement lifestyle. Seeking early financial advice regarding your superannuation strategy is always a great idea. Such advice can reveal opportunities to improve the performance of your super balance you might not have discovered on your own.

At Plutus Financial Guidance, we specialise in independent superannuation advice. We are proud to conduct ourselves professionally, ethically, and socially responsibly when providing superannuation advice to our clients.

Here are six ways we can help you manage and optimise your superannuation balance.

1. We will optimise your Voluntary Super Contributions strategy

Voluntary extra superannuation contributions are a great way to bolster your super balance. We can help you plan your voluntary contributions to boost your super balance in a sustainable and optimised manner. A sound voluntary contribution strategy is always a good idea to avoid falling short of your retirement lifestyle goals.

2. We will customise your Superannuation Investment Strategy

Your investment strategy will determine the way your superannuation balance is invested. When investing your hard-earned savings, we factor in your age, superannuation balance, retirement goals, and risk appetite. Making correct super investment decisions for your specific retirement goals is crucial, so getting advice on this is always helpful.

3. We will help you choose the best Fund for your goals

There are many superannuation funds, who offer different investment strategies, with different risk appetites. Discovering the best option for your balance can be time-consuming and complex. We can help  and advise you of the best options tailored to your personal needs, as well as with analysing and comparing super fund performance, fees, investment options, insurance options and more.

4. We can advise you regarding Self-managed Super Funds

A self-managed super fund is a legal arrangement similar to a family trust. You’ll need to factor responsibilities and requirements for your self-managed strategies, however, for the right person these are a very powerful tool. Speak to our team to find out if a Self-managed superannuation fund is right for you?

Additionally, for more information regarding how we can help you set up and optimise a self-managed fund, please feel free to head to our blog post that explores this topic in further depth.

5. We can help with consolidating your superannuation

It’s common for Australians to accumulate multiple super accounts over their working career, leading to losses in superannuation balances through annual fees and also potential reduced performance. We will help you roll over your super into a single, optimised account where applicable.

6. We can analyse and help choose the insurance options for your retirement goals

The insurance offered through a super fund is designed to help you should something unexpected happen. Obtaining advice on your existing superannuation insurance to ensure it meets your needs and goals is good practice. We will help you with this to find the most suitable option for you.

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Vince Lam is a Professional Accountant and a Certified Independent Financial Advisor with almost two decades of experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you have further questions regarding our independent superannuation advisory services.